Hello Math Club Members!

My name is Matthew Saunders, and I am going to be the new webmaster for the club for this year! I intend to be on here posting good articles and questions from around the internet or other sources, so if anyone ever has anything they’d like to see here please let me know. I really [...]

Master’s in Biostatics

We are actively recruiting students for our 18 month Master’s in
Biostatistics program and are reaching out to math clubs to spread the

A master’s degree in biostatistics was recently listed by Fortune
Magazine as the second best graduate degree you can get:

October 2015 Problem of the Month

Find the general solution to the Differential Equation.

((d^2 R)/(dΘ^2)) – cotΘ(dR)/dΘ) + sin^2(Θ)R = 0

Reward for best solution: A copy of the book “Godel’s proof” BY Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman. Donated by Dr. Milé Krajcevski

Solutions can be scanned and sent to with the subject line: “problem of the month”